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Copagaz, the first Zahran Group company, began operations distributing one ton of LPG per day in São Paulo, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.
Little by little, it gained market share across the nation and now distributes gas to 19 states and the Federal District.

Copagaz in now one of six largest LPG distributes in the country. It has 13 bottling plants and distributes around 40,000 tons per month to millions of homes, industries and commercial establishments.

Safety has always been a priority. Portable tanks undergo periodic re-qualification and are only returned to the market after rigorous safety checks. They are painted green for easy identification.

Also concerned with safety, the engineering department has developed a special seal for Copagaz portable tanks which more precisely detects leakage.

To better meet the needs of the market Copagaz Express Service was established to install gas storage tanks at consumer's homes/businesses and regularly supply gas with tankers, thus replacing the old portable tanks.

Initiatives such as these, designed to better provide customers with quality services are the reasons for Copagaz's success.

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